Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is what most people mean when they talk about a massage. It is one of the most relaxing types of massages to receive. It normally works over the entire body. The techniques used on different muscles in the body depending on the desired result are gliding, kneading, tapping, vibrating and shaking.

A Swedish massage can target specific areas to work out kinks or can be used on the full body. To enhance the relaxing nature of the experience a session can include aromatherapy, for the human body reacts to pleasant scents. The nose relays messages to the brain and tells the body to be comfortable and relax. Using candles and natural essential oils to fill the air combined with incorporating them into massage oil improves breathing and helps to escape your troubles for the duration of the therapy.

Another addition to the session that we offer is hot stone massage. Special finely polished basalt stones (or lava rocks) are water heated and applied to the body and hands to relax the muscles, creating a warming experience that is kneaded into the entire body.